Today's children and youth are tomorrow's future, and they are relying on our support for their hopes of having both quantity and quality of life. We are Drums No Guns Commission Inc. (DNG), a community-based non-profit educational arts and entertaining organization whose mission is to educate children and youth in promoting literacy and heritage (breaking down barriers to bridge cultures), and the prevention of crime, drug abuse, violence, handgun violence, bullying, gangs, anger, teen suicide, homicide, racism, hunger and homelessness.

Drums No Guns is a rhythmic art form that educates and entertains. The diverse ensemble and phenomenal educational concerts, workshops and demonstrations ignite a spirit of hope within youth and adults alike. DNG uplifts entire communities with a vibrant multimedia tribute to the amazing talents of young people. It also provides an excellent opportunity for youth to get involved in the arts. Most importantly, Drums No Guns is a celebration of life ...

Listen to songs featured on
Rhythms from the Heart' (CD)
Listen to songs from guest musicians
appearing at the upcoming tour...
Drums Across America'

Drums No Guns workshop
at the Westchester County Center Kid's Fair
(White Plains, NY)

Drum Call for the Earth
Drums No Guns PSA  
Drums No Guns PSA 2  

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