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We are seeking sponsors, underwriters and funding from the corporate, private, philanthropic and government sectors, to assist in our endeavors to produce, develop and promote programs for community youth building, life skills prevention projects, higher education initiatives, heritage and cultural preservation. Drums No Guns Commission, Inc. (DNG), is a non-profit community based educational and entertainment auxillary organization that promotes literacy, ethnic heritage for breaking barriers to bridge cultures, and the prevention of crime and violence, handgun violence, drugs, gangs, hatred, racism, hunger, homelessness, teen homicide and suicide.

We challenge match any proposed prospective for corporate, private and government funds against any amount of independent funds generated through our campaign series across the board.

How you can help support Drums No Guns Commission, Inc.
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'DRUMS ACROSS AMERICA' Community Youth Building Edu-Concert Campaign Tour

DNG utilize the power and influence of entertainment (Music & Arts) and technology to stimulate and motivate children, youth and adults to become enthusiastic about hope, community building, positive thinking and higher education. It is imperative and of the most importance to begin preventive measures to save the lives and future lifestyles of children and youth through positive role models, mentoring and entertaining programs and projects.

DNG and it's network affiliates are promoting a twenty five (25) city national community building campaign tour called 'DRUMS ACROSS AMERICA', designed to create higher education, EMPOWERMENT, self esteem and self worth among youth at risk nationwide, promoting legitimate and positively creative/innovative opportunities, assisting community organizations, institutions, libraries, schools, community centers, church outreach and after school programs.

Our goal is to raise funds to help urban neighborhood communities, at risk youth and non-profit organizations within every city we visit. In addition, funds will be used for community building emergency and development. DNG will perform year around operations nationwide. 

Funds to help build performing arts and multi-media/communication centers and programs will be generated by our national 'DRUMS ACROSS AMERICA' tour. Our ultimate goal is to create community pride, hope, opportunity, social and economic stability, brotherhood and unity --- Making a significant difference for people of all cultures and races.


* Music courtesy of DNG guest composer, Yvette M. Carter

Empowerment through Higher Education & Entertainment!

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