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Drums No Guns Commission, Inc., was founded in 1995 during the Special Olympics World Games in the greater New Haven region. SOWG hosted more than 1,200 athletes and their families with more than 450,000 people attending this nine day event. We are a non-profit community based educational organization that promotes literacy, ethnic heritage, breaking barriers to bridge cultures, arts and higher education, empowering those impaired, and the prevention of crime and violence, handgun violence, drugs, gangs, hatred, racism, hunger, homelessness, teen homicide and suicide.

DNG utilizes the power and influence of entertainment (Music & Arts) and technology to stimulate and motivate children, youth and adults to become enthusiastic about hope, community building, positive thinking and higher education. It is imperative and of the most importance to begin preventive measures to save the lives and future lifestyles of children and youth through positive role models, mentoring and entertaining educational programs and projects.


The purposes of Drums No Guns Commission, Inc. are:

1. To promote literacy and the prevention of handgun violence, domestic abuse, crime, teen suicide and homicide, through a national community building and youth initiiative Edu~concert campaign tour series consisting of lectures, demonstrations, workshops, seminars, mentorship, creative conflict/anger-management training, also, concerts in schools, community centers and neighborhood parks nationwide;

2. To promote community building and youth development, higher education, enhancing high technological skills (audio/music and video technology), motivate and build self-worth and self-esteem for children, youth and adults, enabling each individual the opportunity to develop a safer and more positive social environment as well as, create and operate training, development and employment programs and centers, to become an economically-stabled and self-sufficient community that works, build and grow together;

3. To help renovate and build community performing arts, cultural history and education centers teaching professional trades (music and video technology, sound recording, musical instruments, organizational management, promotions, journalism, writing, drama/theater, stage and lighting, media/communications and advertisement, etc.

4. Operate as a community based auxilary organization promoting to establish a national Not For Profit organization network consisting of more 500 NFP organizations working together for the betterment of inner cities and neighborhoods nationwide. Estabish a 'National Conference of NFP Organizations' meeting each year in different cities

5. Promote an annual national youth charater building initiative recruitment and enrollment campaign aimed to accomodate more 100,000 at risk kids of all races and cultures each year.

Both Not For Profit organization network and youth charater building initiative campaign projects are supported and sponsored partially by our Drums No Guns project 'Drums Across America' , a 25 city national community building and youth initiative Edu~Concert campaign tour, in collaboration with 'The Cab Calloway Foundation, Inc.' and Feed the Children's 'Americans Feeding Americans'.

Make a difference today !

* Music courtesy of DNG guest composer/pianist, Peter Edwards. ** 'Scottish Hills', composed by Peter Edwards, performed by Michael Mills & Peter Edwards.

MM Drum Call

Founder/ED: Michael Mills

For more than 40 years, Michael Mills, a master drummer and percussionist, composer, songwriter, producer and world music educator, has utilized the power of sound, rhythmic vibration, color, words, and spiritual energies to touch hearts, minds and lives of many thousands of people from all walks of life.

"We began our friendship in the early 80's composing music in our upstairs inner city loft/apartment, blessed with donated food, electricity and a $200 baby grand. A few years later, we had the privilege of enhancing our compositions in a six bedroom mansion complete with 7 foot Steinway! Through all the challenges and good fortune of our lives, we have focused our energies on living amongst creative artists, entrepreneurs, and those devoted to the common good. During these years, I have witnessed Michael's amazing personality, drumming, and heartfelt songs inspire thousands of people ... from children to the elderly ... from all races and walks of life ... to express their inherent oneness with the heartbeat of our sacred Mother Earth.... and the spirits of the stars!"

- Peter Edwards

Angel in My Life
(Youtube videos, featuring music composed by Peter Edwards)

This is a photo of the entrance to the Trumbull College Master's house where Peter Edwards (born Peter Edward Firk) and Drums No Guns founder Micheal Mills composed, developed and refined music for five years. Peter Edwards is the son of integral yoga teacher Pamela Firk, and Emeritus Professor Frank Firk, former Chairman of the Department of Physics, member of the Admissions Committee and Master of Trumbull College, Yale University.

Empowerment through Higher Education & Entertainment!

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