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A partial history of our national and local efforts (1983-present)

Over the past 40 years Michael Mills, as a composer, songwriter, Master Drummer, performing artsit and cultural music educator has rendered his arts and education services to a plethora of schools, events, community centers, libraries, neighborhood parks and concerts throughout the United States of America.

Below are just a few major DNG events and program accomplishments for the past two decades, with the exception of a few pivitol events from 1976-1983, which will not be in chronological order:

New Haven C.E.T.A (Comprehensive Employment Training Administration), as a performing artist and cultural music/history educator visiting New Haven public schools and community centers.

Performed as opening act for the first New Haven Jazz Festival 1983 on the Green with more than 20,000 attending.

Performed for 1995 Special Olympics World Summer Games with opening ceremony, 1,000 voice voice choir and special concert event for SOWG 95 clame Bake hosting more than 1,200 atheletes and their families from around the world. More than 450,000 people attended this 9 day event.

Million Mom March (2000-2001, Washington, DC) with Michael Mills and Drums No Guns Commission, Inc. leading drum processional for about 800,000 marchers on the national Mall (May 14, 2000), broadcast live on C-SPAN watched by millions; and the 2001 Hartford Million Mom March (May 14, 2001) MMM event aired (Michael Mills/DNG leading march) on CNN Headline news: President Bush on Gun Violence/Guns in America.

Children's Defense Fund 'Stand for Children National Rally' on the Washington Mall, accompanying 'America Sings' 2,000 member national youth choir from across America, also sharing the stage with celebrities, dignitaries and more than 70 religious leaders of all faiths.

Alliance For Justice (Washington, DC) - The Launching of a national documentary about the CoMotion Program filmed in Richmond, Virginia.

National Luncheon, April 18, 2001 (Capital Hilton, Washington, DC) "Reclaiming Democracy" (opening and closing performing group). Special guest appearance by 2001 Ally Award recipient Deloris Jordan, mother of sports legend Michael Jordan, and keynote speaker, Bruce Arnold Ackerman, Sterling Professor of Law and Political Science at Yale University.

City of New Haven "Fighting Back" Citywide Community Awareness March and Rally, concluding with concert on the New Haven Green.

Performed and host a booth for several years with 'r Kids Family Center and Ethnic Heritage Centers at New Haven International Arts and Ideas Festival. International Festival of Arts & Ideas 10th Anniversary Citywide Press Conference at Cafe Botegga, (New Haven, CT), also 'Drum City' Drum Circle of 1,000 drummers and world music concert; featuring Drums Across America band on the 'World' Stage.

United Nations 'International Day of Peace'with over 1,000 New Haven public school kids making over 1,500 pin wheels and singing with children of Serbia simultaneously via simulcast 6,000 miles away. The song selected was 'Let There Be Peace on Earth'

Christmas Holiday Candlelight Vigil for the kids of Sandy Hook at Quinnipiac River Park.

More than 17 years hosting and performing for Martin Luther King, Jr, National Holiday Celebration at State Caiptol, Hartford, CT, and Yale Peabody Museum.

For the past Seven (7) years led drum processional for Yale Divinity School of Sacred Music joining a sea of graduates for Yale Commencement Ceremonies, also performed for YDS award ceremonies with 'Rhythms From The Heart' world drum and music ensemble.

Performing and hosting Feed the Children's Food Drop Campaign in several cities for more than 17 years with Connecticut based 'Hunger Relief and Development' delivering more 40 truck loads.

Yale School of Management 10TH Anniversary Alumni celebration (New Haven, CT)

Hill neighborhood, Yale Lead and Asthma Program and New Haven Land Trust(promoting community building, survival and ecology). Drumming and Art in the Gardens, sponsored by Christopher Prokop, Executive Director for the Yale Lead and Asthma program, the New Haven Land Trust, and the Yale School of Forestry (summer jobs for youth).

Seniors Go Back to School Day at Manhattanville College, with Cecelia Calloway (daughter of Cab Calloway) and The Cab Calloway Foundation Inc.

Westchester County Kid's Fair at the Westchester County Center

National Adoption Day with 'r Kids Family Center, at City Hall (New Haven, CT)

Appeared on national television networks in collaboration with National Education Association (NEA) for youth prevention safe schools project aired on satellite within school viewed by over 2 million students.

Appeared on TV channel networks CPTV, PBS, C-SPAN, CNN and others.

Organizing a 25 city 'Drums across America' National Community Building Youth Initiative Edu-Concert Campaign Tour; in collaboration with Feed the Children's Americans Feeding Americans national truck drop campaign, to serve food, medical and educational supplies for more than 1,000,000 people and enrolling over 100,000 at risk kids for initiative programs nationwide, visit AmericansFeedingAmericans.org

- Drums No Guns YICB Programs 2014 -

DNG programs are designed to create higher education, empowerment, self esteem and self worth among youth at risk. We promote legitimate and positively creative/innovative opportunities, assisting community organizations, institutions, libraries, schools, community centers, church outreach and after school programs.

Our mission is to help build community performing arts and multi-media/communication centers and programs nationwide, through our national community building EDU-concert campaign tour ("MOTIVATE YOUTH IN AMERICA"). Our ultimate goal is to create community pride, hope, opportunity, social and economic stability, brotherhood and unity, making a significant difference for people of all cultures and races.

All community based operations listed below encompass the following twenty or more Programs and Projects:

Drumming for Life - Teaching human expression, hands on participation and rhythmic theoretical and practical application of rhythms from around the world as well as the exploration of diverse cultural drumming, percussion and chants teaching various basic communicative languages from different regions of the world.

Dancing for Life: The Art and History of Dance - Teaching and performing dance of various traditional and contemporary styles, as a vehicle for human expression to break barriers and bridge cultures, also to promote cultural awareness, history, heritage and life in motion.

The Human Voice - Learning the art and science of singing, speech, narration and language.

Literacy & Language Arts: Story Telling, Creative Writing, Journalism and Social Drama Theater Production - Learning the art of critical reading and comprehension, the creative science of writing objective news and non-fiction, short and flash fiction, narration, skit, character and scene development, play writing, performance, public speaking and presentation.

Musical Instrument Application - Teaching musical instruments, discipline, practical and theoretical applications, creativity, practice and performance of the arts for creative expression, self esteem and higher education.

Music Technology and Sound Recording Production - Learning the art of sound recording, mixing and mastering, musical instrument introduction, basic music theoretical and practical application, basic music business law, promotional marketing and advertisement and organizational management.

Video Technology and Introductory Filming and Editing - The exploration of visual imagery, capturing storytelling moments, interviews and producing documentaries. Learning the art of videography, filming, editing, mastering and duplication. Teaching basic technical instructions on digital and analog recording equipment and application.

Drum and Drill Marching Component - Teaching the art of prevention, unity, discipline, cadence, formation, networking, team building and productive competition. African American music history of performing arts legends and entertainers - Teaching through storytelling, illustration, exhibits, workshops, seminars, classes and performances. The initial 16 session program will feature the image of Cab Calloway, his music history, accomplishments, life and legacy. In addition, explore other iconic legends and their history.

The Pride and Journey Community gallery - A history & art gallery of 100 plus great African-African American inventors, heroes, legends, and humanitarians. This program teaches ethnic heritage, self worth, legacies and community pride.

The Minnie Club for female youth and women at risk - Teaching the development of self esteem, self worth, discipline, artistry, health and beauty, nutrition, wellness, empowerment, confidence and opportunity. This program will be under the direction of Cecelia L. Calloway, entertaining storybook author and daughter of legendary Cab Calloway.

Fashion Design - Sewing, Modeling and Jewelry art design for underprivileged teen and young female and male adults at risk.

Ecology/Arts in the Garden - Teaching life skills in gardening, nutrition, community building, survival, and knowledge of various types of seeds that produce foods, as well as recycled arts and crafts from garden content.

Organizational Management - Learning the art of legitimate business management and administration skills, promotional marketing and advertisement, media and communications. Life Skills Training, Development and Employment- Learning the art of professional trade in computer technology, also remodeling and building homes; renovation and revitalization, construction, drywall, sheet rock, taping, plumbing, carpentry, roofing, electrical, interior design and carpeting.

Anger Management and Conflict Resolution - A program designed to redirect dysfunctional mental tendencies of youth with alternative methods for positive change that are capable of saving minds and lives. This prevention program entertain includes the exploration of mentorship, cultural heritage awareness, peer group mediation, interpersonal development and character building, to promote self esteem and self worth coupled with creative and artistic expression and positive growth.

From Prison to Workforce - This program is designed to produce and promote legitimate employment development for juvenile, 'Youthful Offenders' and adults who've been and still are incarcerated and are classified as felons. The program will explore rehabilitated social behavioral skills, mentoring, conflict resolution, social skills, family relations, and educational field trip events. Additionally, we deal with economic and community development, professional life skill training, development and equal opportunity employment process.

PTW will have the capability of adopting any program listed, as a catalog of professional and artistic social opportunities for those with criminal records. This group of people are mostly deprived and/or rejected as registered felons.

The outcome produces serious discouragement and past time temptation after an individual has produced strong efforts to rehabilitate, re-adjust to society and acquire legitimate employment.

Empower Those Impaired - A program of opportunity to empower and support those impaired via music and art programs and projects. As well as hosting indoor and outdoor events to accommodate those impaired as normal human beings. We will explore empowerment via motivational drum and music therapeutic workshops for healing, also produce and promote public awareness PSA's, infomercials and campaigns.

Health, Wellness and Nutrition - Teaching youth and adults about alternative methods to combat obesity, mental and physical dysfunctions, degenerated health issues, anger and anxiety. This program will explore lessons in physical healing, healthy food choices, meditation, spirituality, organic herbs and ecology/gardening. More detailed information submitted upon request.

A Storytelling and Sing-along Performing Arts Component - This program consists of iconic legendary music history which employ and promote performing artist who educate and entertain early learning/head start and senior citizens of all cultures and races.


Empowerment through Higher Education & Entertainment!

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